Growing Up In Bay City Oregon

A Memoir 1936 - 1953

Growing Up In Bay City Oregon: A memoir 1936 – 1953 is a coming-of-age historical memoir that follows the life of Gordon Lee from birth in 1936 until he joins the marines in 1953. Gordon Lee’s family leaves their life behind in Nebraska to move cross country to Oregon when he is still only a small child. His father, in search of a war effort job, finds work with Kaiser Shipyard on Swan Island in Portland, Oregon where Lee attended Woodstock School. But after the war was over his father found himself out of a job, so he goes in search of one and finds it at Buel’s Hardware in Tillamook, which paid $1.52 per hour, and rented the family a two-bedroom cabin to live in beside the Barview store in Barview, Oregon, along the coast. All the while, the family is just barely scraping by, so Lee sets off on an enterprising journey to make his own money from a young age, devising several moneymaking ventures just to be able to afford the basics of a real childhood.  Along the way he has several adventures that some could only dream about.

In his memoir, Lee gives historical accounts of what it was like during that period of his life, as well as descriptions of places long since come and gone. He recreates the world he grew up in for those of us who will never be able to experience the same place, firsthand.

Author's Notes

I wrote this book to preserve my family history and facts. I’ve never discussed some of these things with my family members. My worry is that most of a family’s history dies when the older family members pass on. Now that I’m 84, I wanted to pass on what facts I can remember. I do not intend this book to make anyone feel sorry for me as a child growing up.

The Great Depression and WW2 caused a lot of my hardships during this period of my life. It taught me to “make do,” which was a phrase used by poor families during and following the Depression and WW2. It meant to get by with what you have, when you have very little or nothing at all.

Having grown up with all my hardships, I would not trade my childhood for anything different. I made things happen for me. I have done many things other people only dream about doing.

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ISBN: 9781737290810


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