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Hailey Suits


Hailey Suits is an author and artist that spends the vast majority of her time developing her characters and artwork. She grew up in San Diego, CA but currently lives in the Midwestern US and is hoping to move out of it because the winter is not her thing. She enjoys reading, "arting", and anime/manga. But she has a lot of other hobbies to because she is very eclectic! She also has two cats, Sunny and Moony.

Books by Hailey Suits

Shifter Becoming by Hailey Suits. Book cover
In 1994, the Tsialo were still under a shroud of secrecy, with only those of influential positions "in-the-know". The Tsialoian Council for Human relations (circa 1945) is struggling to maintain the balance between the two worlds, and a certain level of anonymity, but also working towards integration the Tsialo with human society.
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