Shifter Becoming

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May 12, 2015

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Shifter Becoming - Book Image Did Not Load!In 1994, the Tsialo were still under a shroud of secrecy, with only those of influential positions "in-the-know". The Tsialoian Council for Human relations (circa 1945) is struggling to maintain the balance between the two worlds, and a certain level of anonymity, but also working towards integration the Tsialo with human society. When Hailey Balam, a mixed-breed Tsialo with unknown power, finally decided to settle down in her birth region for the first time in centuries, she didn't expect things to go smoothly. The TCHR has already informed her new workplace of her status as a Tlvdvtsi-Elohi mix, a combination of a powerful earth being, and a shapeshifter. And humans aren't the most accepting of creatures. The opportunity to even the playingfield arises when Mr. Benning's daughter is kidnapped and Hailey is the only one that can retrieve her. But will she be able to control her wildcat in this quest for belonging? And will she be able to balance the precarious relationships she has created at the same time?

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Shifter Becoming - Book Image Did Not Load!
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