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Heather Baker


Heather Baker is the author of: Home Birth on Your Own Terms, Parto En Casa, and Our Births, Our Stories.

She is an international traveling, Traditional Midwife who has been attending births since 1996. Heather teaches workshops worldwide to promote natural birthing and Traditional Midwifery skills.

Heather is the mother of five children all born at home. Her birth philosophy is simple, “Nature is our best guide and very rarely has issues when left alone. I believe the most powerful act, is to educate oneself so you can make sound choices that best suit your family.” Heather supports unassisted births wholeheartedly because she too, has given birth unassisted, four times.

Books by Heather Baker

Home Birth On Your Own Terms: A How To Guide For Birthing Unassisted by Heather Baker. Book cover.
Are you looking for a natural pregnancy and birth book? If you are planning a home birth or need an unassisted birthing plan, this is the book for you. The 1st of its kind!! A full manual containing all the information you need to give birth at home. Get your body and mind prepared for a natural geared pregnancy and birth, where you make all the rules and decisions...
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