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Helen Glasgow


Helen Glasgow holds Masters in Public Relations and an MBA degree. After a successful career Marketing and Sales, she decided to pay it forward, utilizing her strong professional background both as a tenured teacher, and as a trainer at business conferences and corporate retreats, specializing in “soft” business skills such as public speaking, corporate manipulation, the art of persuasion and negotiation skills.

Books by Helen Glasgow

100 Effective Persuasion Techniques - Book cover

This clear, concise, and effective guide will improve your negotiation skills and help you influence others as you “climb up the ladder” of career success! You will learn how to use persuasive speech, body language and savvy negotiation skills that will support you at every level of your career, from entry level positions to Chairman of the Board. When you learn how to manipulate and influence the psychology of persuasion, entire vistas of career growth and success will open to you.

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