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Ian D. Copsey


British by birth and an avid young reader, Ian Copsey had early aspirations as an author but realised the need to support a family. He has spent 27 years living in Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, where he now lives) gaining understanding of cultures and how, at a basic level, we are all similar at our core.

He enjoys observing how apparent different cultures are really much the same, their beliefs coming from a similar source but expressed in a different "language." My writing reflects my observations and I attempt to provide an alternative perspective that can be thought provoking but within an entertaining and humorous tale.

How do children learn to perceive the world around them? What makes us so different? Why do we think differently? How or what, when we are growing up from being a baby to an adult, shapes our ideas, thoughts and ways of doing things? There are many reasons. Some are positive and some are not. The Game Master will provide a rib-tickling tale that will have young readers enthralled.

Books by Ian D. Copsey

The Game Master by Ian D. Copsey. Book cover
What is it like to be someone else – especially your most hated enemy? Why do they think and do things differently? Tired of arguing over which of them was the best gamer, Josh and Alex stumbled upon a new video game shop, run by an enigmatic and amiable Japanese shopkeeper.
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