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Jaclyn Lewis


Jaclyn Lewis is a Texas native, but now refers to her background as being "from here and there." Currently residing in Texarkana, Texas with her husband Darren and two children, she loves traveling, long runs, reading, watching science fiction TV shows, drinking strong coffee, cooking, and building giant snowmen. There are no snowmen in Texarkana.

Jaclyn says that science-fiction is an exciting genre because the sky is never the limit and the possibilities for creating something new and unexplored are endless.

She is the author of The Silent Rhymes of a Snowflake and Mercy for the Serpent. She enjoys reading and writing character-driven fiction and creating imaginative worlds.

Books by Jaclyn Lewis

The Silent Rhymes of a Snowflake - Book cover
Genna has no memories except the ones they gave her. She can eat with a fork, but can't quite remember her mother's face. Camp Global Commerce is an organized employer and they provide for her needs...but she wants more. The dreams she has of a girl much like herself feel more like memories, and Genna isn't sure who to trust.
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