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The Silent Rhymes of a Snowflake

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by Jaclyn Lewis  US United States

June 26, 2017   |    2,796 reads    |   0 comments

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The Silent Rhymes of a Snowflake - Book coverGenna has no memories except the ones they gave her.  She can eat with a fork, but can't quite remember her mother's face.  Camp Global Commerce is an organized employer and they provide for her needs...but she wants more.  The dreams she has of a girl much like herself feel more like memories, and Genna isn't sure who to trust.  As a diamond miner on the planet Erimos, she learns endurance, a handsome doctor teaches her about love, and some unlikely friends help her discover the beauty of family.  Will she risk all of her relationships to unravel the mystery of her origin?

Author's Note: 

The Flames of an Avalanche is the sequel to this story and will release in August 2017. If you download it, please leave me an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads!

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