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Jadi Kindred


Saskatchewan-born author, Jadi Kindred, is an entrepreneur, adventurer, and teacher. She founded Accent Unique Inc. in 2011, a language school for business professionals, and has over a decade of experience teaching English as a second language. She won the Young Entrepreneurship Award at her local Chamber of Commerce and was chosen twice to represent Canada at the G20 Young Entrepreneur's Alliance summit. Jadi prides herself on constantly growing, learning, and creating her ideal entrepreneurial lifestyle, including expanding to an online training platform and offering French classes.

Jadi is passionate about other cultures and has travelled extensively throughout North, Central, and South America, as well as Africa, and Asia, collecting stories and exotic experiences along the way. She believes that learning languages can open doors to many new opportunities.

Jadi lives and works in Quebec, Canada and enjoys her free time reading, meditating, and being in nature.

Books by Jadi Kindred

Intuitive Business Connections by Jadi Kindred. Book cover
Intuitive Business Connections is a true story about the lessons learned from entrepreneur, Jadi Kindred. She reveals her trials and tribulations of growing a company from zero to six figures as a young entrepreneur and shares what helped her to succeed year after year. Based on the author’s personal experience of entrepreneurship, intuition and connecting to cultures worldwide, she takes readers on her inspiring journey of growing her business from the ground up and achieving her dream lifestyle.
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