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Jan Pearce


J. B. “Jan” Pearce is a 73 year old grandmother to 6 gorgeous granddaughters and mother of three adult children. She was born in Texas and still resides there and resides with her three rescued dogs. In her spare time, she reads, watches movies and writes. Her favorite authors are Sam Shepard, Ernest Hemingway, Cormac McCarthy and Truman Capote. She was educated at Midwestern University and worked as a Legal Administrator for 20 years before retiring. She is a certified computer instructor, a published poet and a nature photographer.

The photograph on the cover of this book is one of her own and it was that photograph that inspired this fictional work.

Books by Jan Pearce

A Divine Wind - Book cover
When a Caucasian female Texas rancher's home is invaded by an escaped African American prison escapee and they are forced to spend the night together in a storm cellar, while a tornado rages above them, sparks begin to fly. It soon becomes apparent that the trapped occupants are from two entirely different worlds. However, as the hours pass and they begin to participate in the telling of their life stories, they discover they have a lot more in common than they imagined.
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