A Divine Wind

A Divine Wind by Jan Pearce - Book cover.
Jan Pearce

25 February, 2017

When a Caucasian female Texas rancher's home is invaded by an escaped African American prison escapee and they are forced to spend the night together in a storm cellar, while a tornado rages above them,  sparks begin to fly.  It soon becomes apparent that the trapped occupants are from two entirely different worlds.  However, as the hours pass and they begin to participate in the telling of their life stories, they discover they have a lot more in common than they imagined.  This is a tale of “differences” and it is both funny and sad.  Each of the characters has lived through a tragic past and is struggling to overcome it. 

Sometimes, as we journey through life, we unexpectedly meet someone we feel has no place in our life – that the person is not someone we would normally choose to know or spend time with.  At one time or another, we have all met an individual like that and later come to realize, even with reservations, that the person indeed contributed some form of understanding we might not otherwise have ever known. It is a divine wind that has brought these people to us because, without even knowing, we needed to come to know and understand them in order for us to grow.

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Genre: Fiction > Literature

ISBN: 978-1520677439


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