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Jason Kondrath


Greeting Brethren,
I am a writer who specialized in satire when I was in high-school. I wrote may featured articles that were eventually printed in regional and national magazines.
I never liked "Horror" movies, I never liked the idea of someone getting killed for some else's pleasure. Honestly Serial Killer Moviers like Halloween #57 (or whatever) and the "Boogie-Man" is an old, antiquated and ridiculous and boring concept.
The reason I write horror, is only because I have had so many unusual experiences in my life. I'm talking about things that would drive a normal person insane.
So after many years, I decided to write these things down as a form or therapy.
To make it more entertaining I included realistic elements of both sex and violence, and I coined this new genre Eros Macabre (which is really just a combination of horror and erotica).
What are the two most popular types of films? Porn and Horror. Or said another way Sex and Violence.
I don't know why but for some reason there have tried to mix genre's before, like Horror and Comedy. Both good in their own respect, but horrible together. Like Peanut Butter and Ketchup, instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly.
I got it right thou.
My first book, "Yes Master: Rise of the Witch," was about a beautiful thirteen year old redhead who practices witch-craft to protect herself from Rape and Incest. It was very contemporary and realistically written, so much so, that Amazon banned the printed version and now the uncut version is only available in E-format on my private website.

Books by Jason Kondrath

Rise of the Witch by Jason Kondrath. Book cover
Jeanie had long suffered her families, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse, so she summoned the "Powers of Darkness" for help, and they did... for a price. They not only gave her Solace, but Vengeance and no one was sparred. In the aftermath, she met and fell in love with Mark, a man she loved more than life itself. The two fell in love and soon Jeanie found herself pregnant.
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