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Jaymes Damian


My name is Jaymes Damian, I reside in London, and there's nothing I love more than writing fiction (except maybe a really good dinner). I've written optioned screenplays and culture novels under different pen names and my latest passion is writing young adult fantasy novels in the romance genre. I live with two over-excited beagles called Kate and Kwake and my husband. We enjoy cooking and love animals, so don't be surprised if you see me sneaking those two into my writing...

Books by Jaymes Damian

Maiden: The Pearl - Book cover
“After the Collapse, many, many years ago, there were only few survivors. Tribes all across the Physical began to form, some primitive, some highly technologically advanced, depending on the means they had left. Since resources were sparse, the tribes began fighting each other – for inhabitable land, drinkable water, and edible food. Central is the biggest tribe and the most technologically advanced one, if what they’re telling us is right, but it’s also the coldest, most controlling place I’ve ever known.”
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