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JC Stephenson


J.C. Stephenson was born in Scotland and grew up in the town of Livingston in West Lothian. He has worked in the newspaper industry for most of his working life in various roles; as a compositor, a graphic designer and in IT but never as a journalist.
Although 'A Murder in Auschwitz' is J.C. Stephenson's first novel, he has been writing on and off his entire life.
J.C. Stephenson currently lives in Fife with his wife and two children.
twitter: @JCVStephenson

Books by JC Stephenson

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An SS officer is found standing over the body of a comrade, a smoking pistol still in his hand, a murder in a place of murders.His pleas of innocence force a court martial and he knows that there is only one man in the camp capable of defending him; a Jewish prisoner called Manfred Meyer. Manfred Meyer is forced to build a defence for him in his court martial.
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