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Jenneta Mammedova


Jenneta Mammedova hails from Krasnovodsk, Turkmenistan where natural foods, herbal remedies and fermentation are simply a part of everyday life, not a counter-cultural food movement. Jenneta's passion for health and nutrition topics are only eclipsed by her desire to educate others on these topics.

With years of experience studying, creating and experimenting with healing foods, her knowledge base is broad, however she specializes in examining gut health and children's diet.

Jenneta lives on Pittsburgh’s northside with her husband, son and daughter - 3 very patient guinea pigs for her culinary experiments.

Books by Jenneta Mammedova

Rx Cooking for Gut Health by Jenneta Mammedova. Book cover
Take proactive control of your health through diet. 100 exceedingly simple recipes designed to improve gut health for those who want to put themselves on a path to recovery but don’t want to spend a lot of time, money or energy doing it. Maybe you or someone you love suffers from food allergies or sensitivities, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, leaky gut or yeast overgrowth.
Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet