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Jennifer Stone


Hello! My name is Jennifer Stone. I am a new in the cookbooks writers world but a veteran of the healthy eating industry. I have always been very rapturous about cooking. Cooking is one of the greatest joys in my life. My goal is to publish books that will allow readers to improve their health through simple everyday ingredients and low fat recipes that make eating delightful.

Books by Jennifer Stone

Air Fryer Сookbook (book) by Jennifer Stone
Is There Some Magic Way to Cook Delicious and Simple Everyday Recipes with Your Air Fryer? Absolutely! Do You Want to Eat Fried Foods Without Feeling Guilty About It All the Time? Discover How To Make Delicious and Easy to Prepare Air Fryer Recipes and Create Awesome Everyday Homemade Dishes. You no longer have to feel guilty about eating fried foods when you use the recipes from this book and your new air fryer!
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