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Air Fryer Сookbook

Delicious and Easy to Prepare Air Fryer Recipes That Make Your Life Simpler
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by Jennifer Stone  US United States

October 12, 2016   |    1,389 reads    |   0 comments

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Air Fryer Сookbook (book) by Jennifer StoneIs There Some Magic Way to Cook Delicious and Simple Everyday Recipes with Your Air Fryer? Absolutely! Do You Want to Eat Fried Foods Without Feeling Guilty About It All the Time?

Discover How To Make Delicious and Easy to Prepare Air Fryer Recipes and Create Awesome Everyday Homemade Dishes.

You no longer have to feel guilty about eating fried foods when you use the recipes from this book and your new air fryer! We’ve compiled a simple and delicious air fryer recipes
for you to try with your new air fryer. But not only that, but we’ve also added tips and tricks for keeping your air fryer clean, maintained, and working properly for years to come.

Air fryers are beneficial additions to any household. They use air in order to fry foods and create tasty meals that are much healthier than the alternative of frying foods in oils.
However, learning how to use one can take time, patience, and a bit of practice.

After reading this book you will be able to:

Create healthy, delicious meals the entire family will love, and no one will know it’s not fried in fatty oil.
Learn how to cook 50 delicious basic air fryer recipes containing organic and nutritious food for everyone. In this book, you can always find a recipe containing ingredients you like the most.
Finally, these recipes will help you to lose weight as cooking with an air fryer gives you the benefit of tasty foods without excess calories.

These recipes are great for satisfying all your family

Easy ingredients combined with excellent instructions
Easy to follow recipes
Simple everyday recipes
American cuisine

Here`re only a few of air fryer recipes you need to try:

Quick & Easy Breakfast Frittata
Cheesy Chicken and Vegetable Nuggets
Appetizing Grilled Cheese
Delicious Brownies with Nuts
Hot & Honey Mustard Chicken

Use these Air Fryer recipes and impress your friends & family with easy to make delicious everyday dishes.

So go ahead, scroll up and get the opportunity to make your life simpler with these delicious and easy air fryer recipes. You won`t regret it!


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