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Jessica Monks


Jessica Monks started writing screen plays at a young age. Capturing her love of horror, she set out to write her first novella The House on Hayden Pond. She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Mount Ida College in 2007. Currently holding a position in Purchasing at an envelope manufacturing facility. Also a horse trainer she holds a MA license in riding instruction. Through her many hobbies she found writing to be particularly fulfilling. Her writing is fueled by her imagination. After developing Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder as a young child writing became an outlet for her vivid imagination.

Books by Jessica Monks

The House on Hayden Pond - Book cover
When the Bolton family moves into their dream home, disturbing things begin to happen. As the sinister events intensify, the family finds itself caught in a whirlwind of evil. As they struggle to survive, their presence in the house feeds the demons that lay within. Their only hope is to trust in a departed family member who fights to keep them alive.
Fiction > Horror & Paranormal