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Horror, Paranormal, Ghosts and Occult Books. Scary stories and books involving pursuit and escape. Supernatural and demonic beings and creatures.

by John Coon / US United States

A buried chest is unearthed. A malevolent witch returns. Can Ron Olson stop her before she destroys Deer Falls? Ron is a reluctant newcomer to this small Colorado town. Adjusting to life in Deer Falls is tough for Ron, who has been torn away from his father, his friends, and his soccer team. He did not sign up for this change, but things are about to go from bad to worse. His situation takes a frightening turn when a mysterious woman in black is released from a buried chest that imprisoned her.


Pandora Reborn - Book cover
by H D Cooper / AU Australia

Everyone has experienced something they simply can’t explain. Sceptical minds always look for the logical explanations, but what if none can be found? Throughout the centuries, countless people have described their brushes with the paranormal. Tales Behind the Tombstones gives new life to these urban legends and explores the stories behind some of the most supposedly haunted places in America.


Tales Behind the Tombstones - Book cover
by Vin Carver / US United States

An urn with the power to skip Warren Renner between parallel lines of time threatens to destroy his free will, but he doesn’t know that. All he knows is life in small-town Tamarack turned dark the day his brother died, and he wants out. Before Warren can run away, his friend Tanner convinces him to come to a party in the forest, as long as he brings the urn. When lightning strikes, Warren becomes caught in a ghostly battle over the lines of time.


by Martin Kukk-Gronbjerg / DK Denmark

True Story of Dracula - The absolute worst, most horrifying horror stories we've ever heard! The main purpose of the site is to keep up to track with True Story of Dracula and its sequels. While writing this book Martin placed most emphasis under writing a good story. The book is good at holding the reader engaged and at times it can be rather entertaining.


The True Story of Dracula - book cover
by Shelby Lamb / CA Canada

An Amazon top 40! "Extremely well-written and almost Gothic in nature, Something (Wisteria #1) is horror at its best. While Lamb borrows heavily from the movie, The Ring, she puts her own spin on it. Reading could kill you? You bet! Horror doesn't get any scarier than books out to murder people." - Bestselling author N.N. Light


Something (Wisteria 1) - Book cover
by Sarah Carter / GB United Kingdom

An isolated Scottish village above a fog-bound loch. A dark local legend, and a missing teenage girl. A sister determined to discover the truth...and deliver justice. Last Halloween, Kat's sister vanished. Everyone believes Louise was simply a teenage runaway. But Kat knows something has happened to her sister, and she is convinced that Louise's disappearance is connected with a small Scottish village called Carnag.


Dark Loch (book) by Sarah Carter
by Mark Kasniak / US United States

Autumn Harvest: A Celebration of Halloween and the Macbre… brings together all the fun things that may have scared you as a kid about Halloween while taking those stories a step further by adding a new dimension that will horrify and sicken you as an adult.


Autumn Harvest (book) by Mark Kasniak
by Jenny Twist / ES Spain

Nobody had ever wanted to kiss June until she met her holiday romance. Ignacio wanted to kiss her all the time. But was it just kisses he wanted? Or did he have a more sinister purpose? Soon June begins to lose weight. A lot of weight! Could Ignacio be ... The Mantequero!

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