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John Lyes


Writer and artist John Lyes brings together several genres in his books both from a background in writing as well as being a screenwriter and comic strip artist. Merging from classic British detective mysteries to the spice of action and adventure in his fictional biographical espionage thriller "Triple Shot Doublecross", to a homage of crime and psychological mystery in his first in a series of "Breaking Arliss", John's muse stems of a Japanese-themed short story (soon to become a full fledged novel) as well as several children's books, due out shortly in 2016, "Travels with my Ghost" due out 2016 and "The Blue Fedora", a hard-boiled detective novel at the end of 2015.

Books by John Lyes

Breaking Arliss by John Lyes. Book cover
A vicious serial killer is on the hunt for his next victim and CID Inspector Prav Shira is fatigued by the lack of progress. With reluctance he brings in estranged psychologist Dr. Arliss Grey to aide in the investigation. But Arliss is a woman plagued by her own demons, and wrought by a dark secret from her past what she soon uncovers brings her closer to a sinister conspiracy that weaves itself into the halls of power.
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