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John Talisker


John Talisker lives an eclectic lifestyle immersed in isolation, beautiful views, dark skies, and a deep passion for writing the best novels he can. He likes physics, mathematics, music, art, literature, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, entomology, geology, even religion — but finds the human mind and heart the most interesting and often the most perplexing of all. He has a degree in physics, and owns a kayak. He has a cabin by a river and wonderful friends and family, without whom he wouldn't bother to write. What would be the point? Besides writing in the morning and late at night, kayaking beneath gentle rain, he likes to hike in the mountains of British Columbia or canoe in the back country of Algonquin Park. He has holed himself up on Wolfe Island where the Great Lakes merge into the St Lawrence River, and takes close-up pictures of wildflowers when he's not writing or trying to keep up with those around him who take up his time but only because they care. He is a Canadian and a proud American. He has English roots, some Scottish peat in his blood, and even a tingle of the Irish. He has a lot of good stories in him.

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Books by John Talisker

Gatc'hh'en's Rite by John Talisker. Book cover

This is a novel about love, about time, about meaning. About us as living beings as seen through a different pair of eyes. The body and soul that are, perhaps, not always separable. About mankind’s destiny — if we don’t mess it up. Gatc’hh’en is not of this Earth. He is part machine, part living being.

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