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Gatc'hh'en's Rite

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March 24, 2017  |  2,455 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Gatc'hh'en's Rite by John Talisker. Book coverThis is a novel about love, about time, about meaning. About us as living beings as seen through a different pair of eyes. The body and soul that are, perhaps, not always separable. About mankind’s destiny — if we don’t mess it up.

Gatc’hh’en is not of this Earth. He is part machine, part living being. 1000 years ago, he began to learn the ways of humanity, and in 15th Century France, he fell in love with Catherine, who was later burned at the stake for witchcraft because of her association with him. He retreats to the outer reaches of the solar system to nurse his guilt. Six hundred years later he returns, now cynical and half mad. Determined, and to get Catherine  back, he selects Emily,  a woman who is near death, and genetically modifies her into the woman he remembers as Catherine. Emily loves her beautiful body, and her new lease on life, but as she and Gatc’hh’en soon discover, there is a steep and unexpected price to pay. What you think might happen does not, and nor can it.


Author's Notes

This is a cross-genre literary - sci-Fi novel, and therefore difficult to categorize. From the reviews, all 5 stars so far, each side of the genre divide seem to like it. But you must first buy the ticket and accept the premise; after that, simply enjoy the ride.

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John Talisker lives an eclectic lifestyle immersed in isolation, beautiful views, dark skies, and a deep passion for writing the best novels he can. He likes physics, mathematics, music, art, literature, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, entomology, geology, even religion — but finds the human mind and heart the most interesting and often the most perplexing of all. He has a degree in...

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