Jolinda Mäkinen


Jolinda Mäkinen is a self-published author and artist with a degree in film-making from the University of Canberra. She loves bringing stories to life with words, drawings and pictures on the screen, and hopes to create many more magical tales to come. Currently located in Finland, she is turning her attention to future projects after finishing her first series, the Bladewing Trilogy. Art and illustration are her main passions alongside writing, and she has illustrated the children's book "Zacatras!" by Daniel Martin.

Books by Jolinda Mäkinen

Hunt of Ravens - Book cover
Gheara Rubiniu's independent existence as an agent of the Sorin is interrupted when a call to arms from the King of Romania arrives at her doorstep. A dangerous outlaw called the Raven has been sowing unrest in the Kingdom, and rumours of an impending coup abound in the high halls of the Palace. Gheara's mission is to stop him, lest Romania fall into ruin. She embarks on her greatest mission yet in an undercover airship with Leu, a fellow Sorin-agent, and his wild card friend from the streets of Bucharest.
Fiction > Fantasy