Kate Harriet


Have you ever thought this after reading a romance book?

• The only tears I want to fall after reading a story are tears of joy.
• I like books that aren’t too predictable and with strong character development.
• The whole novel had a good pace and was professionally written. Really satisfying.

If so, I’m Kate Harriet and I write uplifting, cosy reads for fans of romance- with warm, loveable characters and a heroine you’ll want to root for.

As an author and ghostwriter I have spent years writing for the kind of reader who loves an exciting read, set in picturesque and idyllic settings with just a splash of romance thrown in.

If that’s you then click today to start reading fun, feel-good books and short stories that will leave you smiling from ear to ear.

Books by Kate Harriet

A Christmas Romance with the Earl by Kate Harriet. A Heartwarming Christmas Romance Novel. Book cover
Imagine getting yourself a mug of hot chocolate and curling up on a comfy sofa to read the heartwarming romance book, A Christmas Romance with the Earl. It’s a week before Christmas when Jess Smith, a thirty-year-old London copywriter, is hoping that childhood crush Matthew Churchill will honour a decade-old pact and ask her to marry him. But on the eve of the deadline he announces that he is marrying her old school bully instead.
Fiction > Romance
A Christmas Encounter - Book cover
In A Christmas Romance on the Santa Express, Melissa Wright is travelling by train to reconcile with her off-and-on again ex Alex. Does she find romance with a handsome stranger or does she try yet again with Alex?
Fiction > Romance