A Christmas Romance with the Earl

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A Christmas Romance with the Earl by Kate Harriet. A Heartwarming Christmas Romance Novel. Book cover

Imagine curling up on a comfy sofa to read the heartwarming romance book, A Christmas Romance with the Earl.

It’s a week before Christmas when 30-year-old copywriter Jess Smith hopes that childhood crush Matthew Churchill will honour a decade-old pact and ask her to marry him.

But on the eve of the deadline, Matthew announces that he is marrying her old school bully instead.

Heartbroken, Jess flees to the beautiful frost-covered village of Birling Grove to recoup at her parents’ farm cottage. But soon she clashes with a notorious local earl…

As their feelings grow, will Jess find new love or will a dithering Matthew get in the way?

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Author's Note

A Christmas Romance with the Earl is about London copywriter Jess Smith, who has been pining over her childhood crush Matthew Churchill for years.

When he announces his engagement, all her dreams and hopes are shattered and she runs away to her parents' farm in Birling Grove to recover. However she soon crosses swords with a notorious local earl, whose late night parties have been disturbing the village’s peace.

As feelings grow between Jess and Lord Burness, can she finally move on? Or does her old crush Matthew tear them apart?

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Have you ever thought this after reading a romance book? • The only tears I want to fall after reading a story are tears of joy. • I like books that aren’t too predictable and with strong character development. • The whole novel had a good pace and was professionally written. Really satisfying. If so, I’m Kate Harriet and I write uplifting, cosy reads for fans of romance- with warm,...

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