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Ken Astley


Ken Astley was born and raised in Mumbai, India. Apart from his fondness for music and art, he discovered his love for reading at an early age. Eventually, that turned into a yearning for writing and becoming a published author.

In his book, Thoughts... From a peculiar mind! he has chosen to explore the mind in an innovative fashion focusing on various aspects that people go through but don't take the time to reflect upon. Something that the reader may either relate to or find a different perspective or both.

Books by Ken Astley

Thoughts... From a peculiar mind! by Ken Astley. Book cover
The Mind is an ambiguous place that the readers will get to explore in this book while being the protagonist. It has been set up in different stages with unexpected and adventurous challenges which the readers will find fascinating and maybe relatable as they navigate their way to figure out what the mind is trying to communicate. Will they succeed or will they run out of time?
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