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Ken Brown


Bio and How It Came About I Write the Book KB‘s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Volume 1.

“My parents and life as prepared me for many things, and to travel many roads to go on many adventures. Each thing I’ve done and each adventure teaches me something new.”

I love and enjoy cooking, blending, and experimenting with different ingredients. Being the eldest child from a young age my grandmother, my parents, aunts and some other relatives showed me how to prepare and cook inexpensive traditional Jamaican meals for my younger siblings. My father was a farmer; he taught me how to cultivate food, raised animals and how to butcher them humanely. I studied with Michelin star chefs, as a chef in Sweden and England, and worked for many years as a chef in different kind of kitchen, and café and in several Jamaican and Caribbean restaurants where I extended my knowledge how to research, experiment, prepare, and cook with different kind of food ingredients and varied recipes. I regard cooking as an art, which makes food look colourful and appetizing, and like chemistry compiling, experimenting, and blending different food ingredients to taste palatable and delicious. Cooking, blending, and compiling recipes are an extension to my artistic endeavours. Friends and families love the meals I cooked for them, and kept encouraging me to write a cookbook. In addition, when I worked as chef in different places most of the people who enjoyed the meal I prepare, kept telling me they enjoy the meals and drinks, and I should write a cookbook.

I also cooked for the reggae band Toots and the Maytals promotional party in Germany, and some of the guests and members of the band who enjoyed the meals and drinks, kept asking me for the recipes. I jokingly told them they could buy them when I write a cookbook. While working as a chef at a Jamaican restaurant in Munich the promoter who had promoted the band a book publisher came to the restaurant. They enjoyed the meals and asked me to write a cookbook because they were interested in publishing it. It took me several years to compile and write the first volume Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes. Volume 1

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KB's Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes by Ken Brown. Book cover
Anyone who loves cooking and enjoy the pleasure of eating a spicy scrumptious, delicious, healthy and nutritious meals with a nice drink, whether they are from the Caribbean or not, whether they are vegetarian or vegans or not, they will find a recipe they love in KB‘s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Volume 1.
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