KB's Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes

Anyone who loves cooking and enjoy the pleasure of eating a spicy scrumptious, delicious, healthy and nutritious meals with a nice drink, whether they are from the Caribbean or not, whether they are vegetarian or vegans or not, they will find a recipe they love in KB‘s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Volume 1. Which are also economical, cost saving and easy to prepare. Sometimes left over Jamaican and Caribbean meals can taste spicier and more delicious than when freshly cooked because the herbs and spice used are more infused into the food.

Some authentic Jamaican food are dumplings, callaloo, ackee and salt fish, fried and stewed fish, meat stews, rice and peas, yams, sweet potatoes, cassava and bammy, curry goat, jerk and festival. Leaving out meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, most KB‘s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes in this book can prepare as a substitute for vegetarian, vegan and Ital dish for Rasta’s meals. Cutting out or down on the amount of salt, sugar, fat and some of the high carbohydrate root vegetables, some of KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean recipes are suitable for diabetics.

Most Jamaican and Caribbean meals are spicy, delicious, healthy, nutritious, and fulfilling. A distinctive part of Jamaican and Caribbean cooking is using many different spices, herbs, and rum for seasoning to enhance taste and flavour to make the meal taste spicy and appetizing. Rum and a variety of herbs, spices are also used in many Jamaican and Caribbean Recipe for a marinade, tendering, and preserving food. The majority of KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean recipe are traditional and authentic fresh vegetable, salads, soups, fish, chicken, meat, stews, and fresh fruit juice and cakes.

Rasta’s, Rastafarian Culture, and Food

Rasta’s and Rastafarian religion and culture are an integral part of Jamaica. Ital, are specially prepared Rasta’s recipes, which consist of mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices, herbs, and some fish. Some Rasta’s reject eating salt, dairy and egg products, shellfish, and fish without scales. Rasta’s religion and culture also prohibited pork and its by-products from their recipes. KB’s Jamaican and Caribbean Recipes Volume 1 include Ital recipes, as well as recipes for vegan and vegetarians.

Large families with a small budget can often find it difficult and expensive planning, and shopping for healthy meals to cook. Nonetheless, take into account that eating healthy, nutritious meals can be cheaper and more fulfilling. Furthermore, eating a balanced diet of the right kind of fresh meats, fish, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables regularly will help to stimulate and enhance good health, vitalities, heal the body, mind, and spirit; and might even assist in extending one’s life.

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