Kola Ademuwagun

Kola Ademuwagun
Author, Filmmaker, Novelist, Screenwriter


Kola Ademuwagun wrote the screenplay of award-winning Nollywood movies: Rising Moon, Blood Brothers and Oju Ota - Line of Fire. Rising Moon was nominated in twelve categories and won six awards at the 2006 Africa Academy Movie Awards while he won best screenplay with Oju Ota - Line of Fire at the 2009 Abuja International Film Festival. He also wrote amongst others, the screenplay of Senseless, Family Contract, Return of the Prodigal and Night of Vultures which was selected for special screening, ‘African Screams’ at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF) in 2001.

A man of many worlds and passions - writing, accounting, taxation, filmmaking and law, Kola Ademuwagun lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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IVIEKA by Kola Ademuwagun. Book cover featuring pearl necklace.