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Kris Bock


Kris Bock writes novels of suspense and romance involving outdoor adventures and Southwestern landscapes. In Counterfeits, stolen Rembrandt paintings bring danger to a small New Mexico town. Whispers in the Dark features archaeology and intrigue among ancient Southwest ruins. What We Found is a mystery with strong romantic elements about a young woman who finds a murder victim in the woods. The Mad Monk’s Treasure follows the hunt for a long-lost treasure in the New Mexico desert. In The Dead Man’s Treasure, estranged relatives compete to reach a buried treasure by following a series of complex clues. Read excerpts at or visit her Amazon page.

Books by Kris Bock

Whispers in the Dark (book) by Kris Bock
Whispers in the Dark: Archaeology student Kylie Hafford expects a summer of adventure at the remote Puebloan ruins of Lost Valley, Colorado, where she'll work on her Masters project. A summer romance would also help to pass the time, and she soon meets two sexy men. Sparks fly when she meets grumpy Danesh, who looks like a warrior from the Pueblo’s ancient past, while Sean is a charming, easy-going tourist.
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