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Whispers in the Dark

by Kris Bock  US United States

March 11, 2016   |    1,179 reads    |   0 comments

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Whispers in the Dark (book) by Kris BockWhispers in the Dark: Archaeology student Kylie Hafford expects a summer of adventure at the remote Puebloan ruins of Lost Valley, Colorado, where she'll work on her Masters project. A summer romance would also help to pass the time, and she soon meets two sexy men. Sparks fly when she meets grumpy Danesh, who looks like a warrior from the Pueblo’s ancient past, while Sean is a charming, easy-going tourist.

But things are not as they seem among the ruins or at the campground. The summer heats up as Kylie uncovers threats, secrets, and mysteries in the night. She’ll need strength and wits to survive, and to rescue the man she’s coming to love.
Whispers in the Dark is romantic suspense set in the Four Corners region of the Southwestern United States. Reviewers give it a 4.3 star average, with comments such as: “A great read with a strong plot line & likeable characters!”

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