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Kristi Sher


Kristi Sher is a renowned life coach, motivation and happy life expert, and prolific children's book author who has written the heart-warming bestseller Kind Heart.

Kind Heart is the first installment to Kristi's "Heart" series, with upcoming additions of Heart's other positive attributes. Her colorful illustrated books teach children powerful lessons about deep feelings and life values.

The idea of writing her books came about during her fight with COVID-19 in October 2020. Being isolated for so long, Kristi's imagination sparked and it has become unstoppable ever since.

With a personal mission to help parents raise empathetic, intelligent, and happy kids, books have become Kristi's way of helping mold and strengthen children's development without the need to pressure them, as well as empower them to take their learning into their own little hands.

Highly educated in her own right, Kristi got her education from the Erickson Coaching International Institute and is a Certified Erickson Professional Coach after excelling The Art and Science of Coaching Program, Modules 1 to 4. When she's not writing, Kristi conducts coaching sessions with clients from all over the globe. She is also passionate about financial investment, sports, travel, parachuting, driving, and cycling.

Books by Kristi Sher

Kind Heart - Book cover
Kindness is a Gift — Teach Your Kids How to Be Kind to Others in a Magical, Fun Way! Keep Reading! The world can be a dark, scary, and mean place. While kids have never been great at listening to adults, they have never failed to imitate them. Try as you might to role model kindness to your kids, they will most likely meet others who are not so nice, or not so kind. Therein lies the rub — the scariest part of being a parent.
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