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Kind Heart

A Lesson on Kindness and Compassion for Kids (Heart series Book 1)
Book by Kristi Sher

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February 2, 2021  |  572 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Kind Heart - Book coverKindness is a Gift — Teach Your Kids How to Be Kind to Others in a Magical, Fun Way! Keep Reading!

The world can be a dark, scary, and mean place. While kids have never been great at listening to adults, they have never failed to imitate them.

Try as you might to role model kindness to your kids, they will most likely meet others who are not so nice, or not so kind.

Therein lies the rub — the scariest part of being a parent. Even if you try to do everything right, your kids will always go their own way.

So, why not make sure you give them a lesson they can never forget — a fun, engaging lesson about kindness.

In “Kind Heart” by renowned life coach, motivation and happy life expert, and master storyteller Kristi Sher, your children will learn all about what it means to be kind.

With this touching and magically illustrated book, your kids will learn:
•    How to show kindness to others, whether in words or in deeds
•    Be more polite by reading about easy examples that they can do on their own
•    See respect being role modeled first hand
•    How to sincerely apologize when they’ve done something wrong
•    And so much more!

You can never have too much kindness in your home — where all life lessons should start.

So, why not help your child discover the magic of kindness in “Kind Heart”!


About Kristi Sher

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Kristi Sher is a renowned life coach, motivation and happy life expert, and prolific children's book author who has written the heart-warming bestseller Kind Heart. Kind Heart is the first installment to Kristi's "Heart" series, with upcoming additions of Heart's other positive attributes. Her colorful illustrated books teach children powerful lessons about deep feelings and life values...

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