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L E Barrett


The road began for me in Hallowell, Maine. It has taken me several times around the world. I grew up in a remarkably small Maine city on a river, at a young age I became a Marine in Vietnam, I eventually had both a military and government career, I fathered three sons, received a Bachelor's Degree from Northeastern University in Boston, MA and a Masters Degree from the University of Maine in Orono, ME. All along the road, I wrote, I thought, and I wrote some more. So that before my days drain away, I will have said what I came here to say. My work can be seen here and at, I currently have a new collection of poetry (63) called The Maine Poetic and will be coming out with a book on fiddleheads called Fiddlemainia, plus a new play called The Shadow Of The Soul. In early 2014 I plan to publish another collection of poetry called Verses From Beneath Granite Ledges.

Books by L E Barrett

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‘A View from the Side of the Road’ (420 pages) is a collection of thirteen uniquely crafted short stories. Each story deals with original subject material and each story provides the reader with a different perspective on the human condition. Stories are poignant, intriguing, funny or mysterious, but always in the realm of what would be considered a good read.