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Short Stories

Looking for short reads or short fiction? This directory of Short Stories written by great authors, novelists and writers will satisfy all tastes and readers. Short Fiction, Short Stories, Flash Fiction.

by Freya Pickard / GB United Kingdom

This book contains 5 tales from the strange and dangerous world of Nirunen. Whether or not you've discovered The Kaerling series, this book is the perfect companion to read either before, during or after your explorations of The Kaerling. Discover how mermaids are born in The Ninth Wave. Experience the frustration of a disabled young man in Eran. Enjoy the double-edged blade of knowledge when Venisha discovers her trust destiny in The Butterfly Tree.


The Butterfly Tree & other stories - Book cover
by Javier Dario / AR Argentina

Life gives you surprises, as the song says. It applies in these twenty stories about human relations. The reader will be able to verify it throughout the stories, some of which mutate in unexpected situations. From very realistic stories to oneiric events, they are all connected by the leitmotif of this book.


Unchained Words - Book cover
by Robert Arnott / GB United Kingdom

Decaf Mushrooms is Robert Arnott's hand-picked selection of quirky short fiction. Its 20.5 stories are interspersed with 184 maxims or aphorisms, in alphabetical order, to help you with almost every aspect of life philosophy. The anthology contains episodes of both chilling poignancy and silly nonsense.


Decaf Mushrooms (book) by Robert Arnott
by Emil / US United States

A collection of short stories, thoughts and moods takes the reader to try, experience and live a different life, different circumstances and have different perspectives about life, sorrows, dreams and goals.


Living There (book) by Emil