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L. M. Goodman


I am from New Orleans, but I'm a bit of an introvert (A waste of a party city, I know). I enjoy writing, especially putting my characters in difficult or ridiculous situations. I love Supernatural, and the BBC Sherlock (still one fandom shy of the majesty of being a Superwholocker).

I want to write the stories people want to read, but in a way that they never thought of. It excited me thinking about how I can super and delight reader, and having readers enjoy what I writer is worth the sweat and tears that it took to create it.

Books by L. M. Goodman

Desponia: Goddess of Mystery - Book cover
When a young goddess takes her place in an old world full of secrets and deceit, there's bound to be some friction, especially in she is the Goddess of Mystery. After her powers reveal a particularly damning secret, the wrath of the God of War, bombards her life and things will never be the same. She must survive his continual attacks while discovering hidden truths about her own life and powers. But secrets are secrets for a reason, or so that's what she's been told.
Fiction > Fantasy