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Lars K. Jonsson


I was born in 1953 in Oregon. When I was 4 years my family moved to Montana, where I grew up. I was a troubled child and was always looking for adventure. Ever liked active sports and recreation, whether it's baseball or rafting.
When I was 29 years old I have been all over North and South America. That was not enough for me and I decided to travel around the world.
In Europe, Asia, and Africa, I have traveled far and wide. Visited many interesting places and tried everything there was to try.
After 30 years of my travels, I decided to return a home state of Montana to share with You of my invaluable experience. I wish that You also could experience these incredible emotions and sensations.

Books by Lars K. Jonsson

100 best places in ICELAND (book) by Lars K. Jonsson

Very handy and informative guide. Includes all the necessary links for an easy travel. A step-by-step route around the entire country. Indicating the distance in miles, accommodate, recreation, entertainment, shopping. And a lot of other useful information about Iceland.

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