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100 best places in ICELAND

Includes 50+ useful links
by Lars K. Jonsson  US United States

August 10, 2016   |    1,455 reads    |   0 comments

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100 best places in ICELAND (book) by Lars K. JonssonVery handy and informative guide.
Includes all the necessary links for an easy travel.
A step-by-step route around the entire country.
Indicating the distance in miles, accommodate, recreation, entertainment, shopping. And a lot of other useful information about Iceland.
For example 4G Internet across the country for$ 10, etc.
In each Chapter, you will find a lot of useful links, which you will be able to travel and learn many new and interesting places.

About the Author

I was born in 1953 in Oregon. When I was 4 years my family moved to Montana, where I grew up. I was a troubled child and was always looking for adventure. Ever liked active sports and recreation, whether it's baseball or rafting.
When I was 29 years old I have been all over North and South America. That was not enough for me and I decided to travel around the world.
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