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Lebogang Mokubela


I am: The Brand - The Future - The Legacy
My personal vision is: "Someday, someone will write something about something I did, somewhere. Just because I decided to do something, some day, to inspire someone."
- I'm the CEO of TeamKFO Events
- Founder of Dios Mismo Entertainment cc
- Author (download my book, the purpose of Purpose, on )
- Graphic Designer
-  Aspiring motivational speaker and inspirational teacher
I have the seed of a great person, each day I wake up to water that seed.

Books by Lebogang Mokubela

The purpose of Purpose
Is there more to life? Is life meant to be predictable, mediocre, and insipid? What does God say about the purpose of my life? Have you ever asked these questions? Well, this book tackles the very same issues ...
Non Fiction > Inspirational