The purpose of Purpose

The purpose of Purpose (book) by Lebogang Mokubela

3 January, 2012

Is there more to life? Is life meant to be predictable, mediocre, and insipid? What does God say about the purpose of my life? Have you ever asked these questions? Well, this book tackles the very same issues.

Imagine if Benjamin Franklin and the ancient Greeks were not in line with their purposes, and did not discover and re-invent electricity? We would still be using candles right?

But also, what if the ancient Egyptians were also not acting according to their purpose, and did not invent the first candle? What then?

In simple terms, this book will show how the purpose, upon your life, carries a solution to the world’s problems, in which only you were chosen, by God himself, to bring that solution. If you do not act according (or in relation) to your purpose, you will deprive the world of that solution.

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