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Luiza Parker


Luiza Parker was born in Paris, lived Prague some years and now lives in Seattle. She married her university boyfriend. They have two kids. She worked as a reporter for the newspaper, as an editor in the publishing house. Also she has extensive experience in the field of self-management, leadership, life coaching. She travel a lot with her family.
Her specific areas of expertise include: self-motivation, leadership, self-improvement, travel.
"Never stop on what has been achieved, and the results of your hard work will not go unnoticed," says Luiza.

Books by Luiza Parker

Speed Reading - Book Cover
Start reading this book today so that you could become a successful person tomorrow! Are you tired of your slow reading ability? Do you want to know more, learn more, and achieve more? Or do you have to read material in a very short time, be it for study or work? Then this book is specially written for you – for slow readers who want to start reading fast!
Non Fiction > Personal Development