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by John C. Davis / US United States

Would You Like To Have that Upper Edge When It Comes To Negotiating And Influencing People? If yes, then keep reading… Whether you are dealing with your partner whom you suspect for cheating, or a work colleague who might have tried to undercut you in a deal, the ability to read people accurately will ALWAYS be your #1 tool in helping you get your facts right.


How To Analyze People - Book cover
by Julie Schooler / NZ New Zealand

Is your home filled with stuff and you want to declutter but not sure where to begin? This practical and easy-to-read book provides an adaptable game plan to declutter your home and your life once and for all. There is guidance on how to organize your remaining things, tips on changing your consumer behavior so you can keep your house in order and an entire chapter devoted to alternatives to throwing unwanted items in the trash.


Clutter-Free Forever - Book cover
by Jack Barrett / US United States

Are you finding it difficult to manage time effectively? Maybe you have been struggling to find time in your everyday schedule. Sadly, this could leave you feeling lost because you are always busy. Do you feel frustrated that you don’t have time to engage in other activities that interest you? Regardless of the mentality people have that being busy means being productive, busyness is often simply an indication of poor time management. Still, working overtime shouldn’t be considered the way to get more activities done during your free time.


Strategies and Tips for Time Management - Book cover
by Christine Reidhead / US United States

Landing a job in this contemporary job market is becoming more difficult than ever as there are more people going out of their way to learn new skills and become better qualified for the same job position that you are seeking. So, the competition is stiff. As a result, having a well-crafted resume is now just the first step towards landing your dream job because your potential employer is even aware that many people get professional help for their resume these days.


How to Ace a Job Interview - Book cover
by Mike Acker / US United States

Public speaking is the #1 fear in America. Millions of people are terrified at the prospect of going up on stage and addressing a crowd more than they're afraid of death. And yet, it's an unavoidable experience in this go-getter world.


Speak With No Fear - Book cover
by William Wadsworth / GB United Kingdom

What if there was a set of simple techniques you could use in your school or university exams that would maximise your chances of opening your envelope on results day to find the grade-card of your dreams? Psychologist and host of the Exam Study Expert podcast William Wadsworth reveals 31 ingenious strategies from the new science of memory recall and elite performance, to help you win more marks on test day than you ever thought possible (no extra studying required!).


Outsmart Your Exams - Book cover
by Tina Shandar / US United States

Do you want to have effective and rational communication to Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere? Do you want to have many friends? Do you want to have interesting and positive, successful life, great relationships? Do yo want to be always first in networking? May be you want to make a best career? Great, it is very simple to have all! This book "Small talk" will help you to change all.


SMALL TALK:Techniques, Rules, Taboos - Book cover
by Amber Rich / US United States

Do you want to be successful, but you don’t know how? What if I told you that you can be successful using just one skill?A skill that allows you to get amazing results and also enjoy life. I’m talking about productivity. All successful people are very, very productive. They don’t spend time and energy on useless things. Now is the best time to learn how to be more productive and efficient and finally how to be successful.


Manage Your Productivity - Book Cover
by Derrick E Lowe / CA Canada

Improve Your Brain Power: Gain Better Focus, More Creativity, And Deep Thinking Skills! Are you tired of trying to find a way to improve your memory and way of thinking that does not take up all of your free time? Would you like to stop spending a fortune on things like memory enhancement programs, herbal brain food and gimmicks that do not work? If so, the solution you have been looking for is finally here! Of course most people do not know how to start improve their brain power, let alone how to think more creatively, but that is all about to change… Through the release of the Improve Your Brain Power eBook, you are going to learn how you can exercise your brain.


Brain Power (book) by Derrick E Lowe

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We Lost the Sky
We Lost the Sky - Book cover
by Marie Howalt