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M. Rose Peluso


M. Rose Peluso is a former Catholic Religious Sister, Educator & Graphic Artist. “Behind the Tapestry” is her debut book. Her poem entitled, “The Meaning of Friendship” was featured in Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum’s Poetic Voices of America Anthology, Summer 1991. She's been a chronic pain sufferer for over 22 years.

Awards & Honors

The BookFest Awards, Spring 2022

The BookFest Awards, Spring 2022: 

Honorable Mention - Nonfiction/Memoirs

Books by M. Rose Peluso

Behind the Tapestry by M. Rose Peluso. My Discovery of God's Grace Amidst Chronic Pain and Loss. Book cover
Behind the Tapestry is the Award-winning, compelling true story told from behind convent walls, of one woman’s struggles to “make peace” with a mysterious chronic illness and her unfulfilled dream of being a Catholic nun. Maryanne was a 29-year-old graphic designer working towards a lifelong desire to someday move to Hollywood and become an Academy Award winning art director. But an unexpected invitation to a Catholic prayer meeting would forever change Maryanne’s life showing her desires she didn’t know she possessed.
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