Behind the Tapestry

My Discovery of God's Grace Amidst Chronic Pain and Loss

Behind the Tapestry is the Award-winning, compelling true story told from behind convent walls, of one woman’s struggles to “make peace” with a mysterious chronic illness and her unfulfilled dream of being a Catholic nun. 

Maryanne was a 29-year-old graphic designer working towards a lifelong desire to someday move to Hollywood and become an Academy Award winning art director. But an unexpected invitation to a Catholic prayer meeting would forever change Maryanne’s life showing her desires she didn’t know she possessed.

After being abruptly fired from her job and spending a lot of time in prayer, Maryanne embarked on a journey to discover God’s will for her life. This quest eventually led her to the Catholic Convent and the realization that all she’s ever really wanted was to devote herself to Jesus.

Entering Religious Life was all that Maryanne thought about for more than a year but there was a problem. She found herself plagued by a mysterious condition that caused widespread, chronic pain. However, in spite of this pain, Maryanne joined a group of Franciscan Sisters in 1999.

Her life in the Convent was filled with many questions, struggles, challenges and a whole lot of physical pain. Then when already strained relationships with her superiors became even more fractured with the lines of communication practically severed, Sister Maryanne was forced to make a heart-wrenching decision. One that would not only impact her life but the lives of those around her. Should she remain in the Convent and go on to take final vows or leave her Religious Life behind and take care of herself instead?


The BookFest Awards, Spring 2022

The BookFest Awards, Spring 2022: 

Honorable Mention - Nonfiction/Memoirs

Author's Notes

This memoir takes the reader on a journey into the heart and mind of the author. M. Rose lets us in on her unique experience of severe chronic pain, her struggles with loss, and her unforgettable discovery of God's never-ending love and mercy. This is one memoir you won't be able to put down. It is both heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. Pick up a copy of this Award-winning book right away to find out how God calls each of us to live "Behind the Tapestry."  

M. Rose wrote this book to help other chronic pain sufferers like herself. Her rare, debilitating chronic condition is known as pudendal neuropathy. This condition is life-changing and not in a positive way. There is very little out there about PN. Most books written about PN are not personal accounts of what it is to struggle and live day to day with this awful condition. This was M. Rose's primary motivation in wanting to share this most personal and intimate story. If you are a chronic pain sufferer and especially if you suffer specifically from pudendal neuropathy, M. Rose wants you to know that this book was written for you. She prays for you and hopes that you will gleam some hope, inspiration, and encouragement from her story. God Bless! 

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Angela Peluso

5 months 1 week ago

"Behind the Tapestry: My Discovery of God's Grace Amidst Chronic Pain and Loss" is a work of non-fiction in the biography, spiritual writing, and inspirational subgenres. It is best suited to the general adult reading audience.

Penned by author M. Rose Peluso, this tender narrative memoir unfolds a poignant true story from behind convent walls, detailing Maryanne's struggles with chronic illness and her thwarted dream of becoming a Catholic nun. Initially a graphic designer with aspirations of Hollywood glory, Maryanne's life takes an unexpected turn after attending a Catholic prayer meeting, igniting a fervent desire to serve the Lord in religious life. The narrative raises poignant questions about life choices and the complex interplay between faith, calling, and personal well-being.

Author M. Rose Peluso offers a powerfully crafted work that conveys the intricate journey into the depths of one woman's spiritual and physical trials. The book provides a gripping account of Maryanne's challenges within the convent due to her chronic pain, offering a candid glimpse into a heartfelt world of struggle that is told with tenderness, but also confidence, and a guiding warmth that inspires readers to keep the faith with her that things will work out all right in the end. The book is well-structured to give a good balance of emotion versus psychology, delving into the complexities of discernment, sacrifice, and the resilience required to navigate a path that intertwines devotion, personal dreams, and the unrelenting reality of chronic pain.

As it builds to its impactful conclusion, Maryanne's story becomes an inspiring testament to the discovery of God's grace amidst profound challenges. Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend "Behind the Tapestry" to readers seeking accomplished memoirs on faith and endurance everywhere.

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