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Maria van Daarten


I’m from Germany and grew up in the Rhineland. Because I always loved the sun and the sea, I traveled for many years through Southern Europe. During this time I took on a variety of jobs in order to support myself and allow me a lifestyle that gave me plenty of free time. - Free time for my other passion: reading and writing.
“Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money” is my first published book. I wrote it in my native language German and it was translated into English in 2017.
Today I am married and live in Berlin. However, sun-hungry like I am, I continue to spend a large part of every year in Southern Europe enjoying the sunny climate.
Currently, I am working on my second book which once again covers in a light-hearted way the topic of Prostitution.

Books by Maria van Daarten

Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Book cover
Since many years Ilona is working secretly and part-time as a prostitute in the clubs near her German rural hometown. She enjoys her work, the quick way to earn money, and would quite like to work full-time in this business. – But the secrecy she has to maintain is becoming a strain on her. Because she also dreams since her childhood of living by the sea in a mild sunny climate, she asks herself at the age of 42 if this should all have been just a dream…?
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