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Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

Diary of a Call Girl

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February 28, 2018  |  1,534 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money - Book coverSince many years Ilona is working secretly and part-time as a prostitute in the clubs near her German rural hometown. She enjoys her work, the quick way to earn money, and would quite like to work full-time in this business. – But the secrecy she has to maintain is becoming a strain on her.
Because she also dreams since her childhood of living by the sea in a mild sunny climate, she asks herself at the age of 42 if this should all have been just a dream…?
No, she decides and with just 2 suitcases she gets on a flight to Athens / Greece, where she wants to check out if she can set herself up as a self-employed female escort and earn enough money to live a decent life and make her dreams come true.
Ilona adopts the alias Anika and places an ad in a local weekly magazine. Greatly motivated, she starts establishing her own customer base during which she meets men from many walks of life, and often with very special desires!
In an entertaining, friendly, amusing and very graphic way she tells about her new live in hot, summery Athens and her full-time job as a call girl.

Genres: Erotic & Autobiography

Author's Notes

The inspiration for writing this book I got, when I was working in Athens / Greece as an independent female escort. It was an exciting time and I wanted to share my exceptional experiences with other people.

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I’m from Germany and grew up in the Rhineland. Because I always loved the sun and the sea, I traveled for many years through Southern Europe. During this time I took on a variety of jobs in order to support myself and allow me a lifestyle that gave me plenty of free time. - Free time for my other passion: reading and writing. “Sunshine, Sex...

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