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Mark Holloway


UK Based indie fantasy author. Like most in my arena, I grew up with a love for fantasy and science fiction books, and after not being able to find a book that scratched that itch we all feel some times as a reader, I decided to write my own. I have a background in medical science, and when I'm not reading or writing, I'm probably making music or taking photos.

Books by Mark Holloway

The Soul's Aspect by Mark Holloway. Coming of Age, Dark Fantasy. Book cover.
Years ago, Aspectors walked the land, performing miracles both awesome and terrifying. They used their magic connection to the Aspect to serve the people of their country, healing the sick, and protecting their borders. Then the Vin Irudur Empire attacked. Now as soon as Aspectors are discovered, they are ripped away from their families and sent to academies run by the empire to be trained as the Vin Irudur see fit.
Fiction > Fantasy