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Mark Siet


Mark Siet has been writing works of fiction and non fiction since 2002. His published fictions works include: Thought Into Form The Bahir Revealed 360 Degrees of Good Tikkunei Zohar Revealed His fiction works include: Reach For the Sky Chronicles of Atocktur (short story) Mark is an inventive writer seeking answers to the truths that surround us. His works find unity and purpose both in the philosophy of life and in the meanings that call out to us from everyday situations. He is also an accomplished musical performer playing guitar and singing with his wife JJ for Senior citizens throughout Southern California. They enjoy life by the sea always creating and wondering about the beauty of life.

Books by Mark Siet

Shue: It's About Time (book) by Mark Siet
There will never be another Shue. He is a one time cut of a mold that was fashioned in the most secret places of the time stream. It is Shue alone who can solve the problem of this world and of the many continuum’s we are surrounded by. Call him a universal handy man who takes to problems like a carpenter to his tools of trade.

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