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Martin Bodek


Martin Bodek is co-founder of - a Jewish version of The Onion. He is the beat reporter for, an emerging Brooklyn-based organization for athletes. He researches surnames for (e-mail onsurnames[at] with yours and he'll do the legwork for you!). He has been writing freelance for more than 20 years for The Huffington Post, The Denver Post, The Washington Times, The Jewish Press, and other sites and media outlets as well as Germany's only weekly Jewish newspaper, The Judische Allgemeine. His books have been featured at the YU Seforim Sale. He was born and raised in the wilds of Brooklyn, New York, has worked most of his life in the badlands of New York City and settled in the jungles of northern New Jersey with his strong wife and three above average children. As you can tell, he wants to be a writer if and when he grows up.

Books by Martin Bodek

Extracts from Noah's Diary. Book by Martin Bodek. Book cover
A century ago, a little known writer named Mark Twain wrote a silly novella called Extracts from Adam’s Diary. It imagined the recorded daily life of the first man. Two years later, Mr. Twain’s wife passed away, and he wrote a melancholy follow-up with Eve as the imagined diarist. Together, these stories were published as The Diaries of Adam & Eve. A century later, a well known writer named Martin Bodek enjoyed the books, discovered that Twain left the concept for another to pick up where he left off, and decided to give it a try.
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