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Extracts from Noah's Diary

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November 22, 2022  |  285 views

Extracts from Noah's Diary. Book by Martin Bodek. Book coverA century ago, a little known writer named Mark Twain wrote a silly novella called Extracts from Adam’s Diary. It imagined the recorded daily life of the first man. Two years later, Mr. Twain’s wife passed away, and he wrote a melancholy follow-up with Eve as the imagined diarist. Together, these stories were published as The Diaries of Adam & Eve.

A century later, a well known writer named Martin Bodek enjoyed the books, discovered that Twain left the concept for another to pick up where he left off, and decided to give it a try.

Yes, he's that arrogant, he's written a sequel for Mark Twain.

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Martin Bodek is co-founder of - a Jewish version of The Onion. He is the beat reporter for, an emerging Brooklyn-based organization for athletes. He researches surnames for (e-mail onsurnames[at] with yours and he'll do the legwork for you!). He has been writing freelance for more than 20 years for The Huffington Post, The Denver...

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